The Royal Adelaide Show

The Royal Adelaide Show is on from the 4th to the 13th of September, 2015 and Adelaide Backpackers Inn is only 15 minutes by tram and walking from the Showgrounds.

The Royal Adelaide Show is a huge event and lots of fun for adults and kids.

Build memories that are truly of Australian life. Highlights for us are the wood-chopping (most people struggle to lift the axes let alone chop through the logs) and the sheepdog trials (dogs trained to guide sheep around ovals through obstacles and into a pen - try it sometime, it's bloody hard).

There's gorgeous handcrafts (yes people still do that stuff) and an amazing array of produce and livestock, dogs, cats, turkeys, heaps of different types of chooks, cakes, just heaps of stuff you might have forgotten or just never knew existed.

There's also heaps of rides and amazing array of foods from truly healthy organic ice-cream to the completely unhealthy but very tasty Dagwood Dogs!



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