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Adelaide Backpackers Inn

There is a lot to see in and around Adelaide. Don't leave yourself too short of time, have the experiences everybody else misses out on.

Here is a list of some of the activities and tours that you can do in and around Adelaide, some of the special features of Adelaide Backpackers Inn that make it a great place to stay while you do them, and some other general information you might find interesting.

Click on them for more detail or simply contact us for help and advice. Our trained and experienced staff can help you enjoy your South Australian experience and get the absolute most out of your trip.

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Royal Adelaide Show

Wednesday, 19 August 2015 15:39

The Royal Adelaide Show is on from the 4th of September to the 13th of September, 2015

Travel free, travel well and see the Grampians and seascape of the Great Ocean Road in your own time

Are you looking for a bit more adventure?

Do you like doing things your own way in your own time?

There are some great tours of the Great Ocean Road and Grampians, but if you like a little more independence and adventure, you can do the same journey on a public bus.

A V-line and School Bus gets you from Adelaide to Halls Gap in the Grampians. Stay a night or two with Tim at Tim's Place, a great little hostel in the Grampians close to some amazing bush walks.

You can take a diversion to Mt Gambier, to check out the Blue Lake and to sleep in a gaol cell (that you're allowed to leave in the morning!) staying with James at The Old Mt Gambier Gaol.

From there take another V-line bus down to Warrnambool. Again, a great place to stay is with Geof and Pru at Warrnambool Beach Backpackers, just 300 m back from the beach.

Then the V-line bus takes you along the Great Ocean Road. You can hop on and off anywhere you like and with a number of busses per day, you can even spend some time at the landmark attractions and get on the next bus through.

A fantastic place to gather memories is at Port Campbell. Swim in the amazing cool clear waters of the Southern Ocean and stay with Mark at the Port Campbell Guesthouse and Flashpackers.

There are many fantastic hostels along the Great Ocean Road so for more recommendations, just ask. Take your time. Check out the Cape Otway Lighthouse and the rainforest bush walks.

Finish your journey with Sean at Bell's Beach Backpackers in Torquay.

And if your still feeling adventurous, take another sidetrack to Ballarat, one of Australia's oldest towns.

And of course, you can do the whole journey in reverse. For more details, click here



Barossa Valley 1d

Saturday, 11 July 2015 15:35

The Barossa Valley is one of the world's greatest and most famous wine making regions and one of South Australia's must see attractions.

There are a variety of tours to the Barossa Valley varying from the cheap and cheerful party type to more sophisticated food and wine tasting experiences that provide you with a chance to savour wines from the large well known corporate winemakers to the small family owned boutiques.

We use our local knowledge of the tours to provide you with the option that most suits your interests, so be sure to ask for advice.

Depending upon the tour, you will:

  • Enjoy tastings of 5 to 7 wines at 3 to 5 wineries.

  • Visit Mengler's Hill lookout to get a panoramic view of the valley.

  • Visit the Whispering Wall, an amazing engineering accident or achievement (depending upon if you know the designer or not!).

  • Enjoy lunch which ranges from platters to sit down 3 course meals.

  • Visit Maggie Beer's kitchen.

  • Enjoy pastries at the famous Lyndoch Bakery.

  • See the workings of a winery including a backroom tour.


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